Whole-School Resources

We have developed all these resources for the schools participating in our Climate Action Accelerator Program. We are also openly sharing these in the hopes that other schools will find them useful. We strongly believe that this is no time for proprietary information and password-protected webpages – we must all put our best efforts forward and share our learning. If you improve upon these resources, we would ask you to consider sharing your experience with us so that we can reflect your learning and improve these for others.

The Strategic Framework For High-Impact, Whole-School Climate Action

This framework is the foundation for the Climate Action Accelerator Program. It provides a systems approach to developing a whole-school climate action plan for a school community. It is based on three dimensions – Organizational Culture, Collective Learning, and Physical Place, all informed by a Compelling Vision for the future. The framework is set in the context of the imperative to solve the climate crisis.

Each dimension is composed of strategies essential for successfully creating and implementing a high-impact, whole-school climate action plan. All these strategies should be combined to meet the unique needs of each school at different stages along their journey to a just, beautiful, net-zero future.

Inventory of High-Impact Climate Actions for Schools

This resource is a companion resource to the Strategic Framework for Whole-School, High-Impact Climate Action (above), providing a vast array of possible initiatives to include in a Climate Action Plan.

Creating a Compelling Vision for Climate Action

A compelling, aspirational vision for climate action can make all the difference in uniting a community around the challenging task of institutional transformation.

Creating Your Whole-School Baseline Assessment 

A comprehensive baseline assessment will provide you with information on the greatest areas of opportunity for accelerating your climate action.

Climate Action Plan Templates 

Level 1 Exemplar

Level 1 Blank Template

Level 2 Exemplar

Level 2 Blank Template

Guiding Questions for completing your Climate Action Plan


Integrating Audit Data into your Climate Action Plan

With your baseline assessment in hand, it is exciting to bring your Vision, experience and data to create a high-impact, whole-school, Climate Action Plan.

Check out this compilation of other organizations, schools and resources you might find helpful too. We are adding to it all the time, check back frequently as you continue on your climate action path. And if you know of a resource we should include, please reach out!