Whole-School Resources

The Strategic Framework For High-Impact, Whole-School Climate Action

This framework is the foundation for the Climate Action Accelerator Program. It provides a systems approach to developing a whole-school climate action plan for a school community. It is based on three dimensions – Organizational Culture, Collective Learning, and Physical Place, all informed by a Compelling Vision for the future. The framework is set in the context of the imperative to solve the climate crisis.

Each dimension is composed of strategies essential for successfully creating and implementing a high-impact, whole-school climate action plan. All these strategies should be combined to meet the unique needs of each school at different stages along their journey to a just, net-zero future.

Inventory of High-Impact Climate Actions for Schools

Creating bold, whole-school climate action plans is an emerging practice. This resource is meant to help schools understand what could be part of their plan. It is a companion resource to the Strategic Framework for Whole-School, High-Impact Climate Action which provides a set of key strategies to help schools build and implement their plans, and the GHG Reduction Guide for Schools (coming soon), which provides specific detail on calculating and reducing a school’s carbon impact.

Creating a Compelling Vision for Climate Action

A compelling, aspirational vision for climate action can make all the difference in uniting a community around the challenging task of institutional transformation.

Creating Your Whole-School Baseline Assessment 

A comprehensive baseline assessment will provide you with information on the greatest areas of opportunity for accelerating your climate action.

Starting Your Audit-Informed Climate Action Plan 

With your baseline assessment in hand, it is exciting to bring your Vision, experience and data to create a high-impact, whole-school, Climate Action Plan.

Addtional Resources

EcoSchools Canada

EcoSchools helps schools set goals and provides a huge array of teacher and student-led activities to help achieve those goals. Schools can aim for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels each school year.


Project Drawdown

This collaborative effort of scientists around the world presents the solutions that already exist to achieve the point where we start drawing down green house gas emissions. It has many free resources, including a short video-based course, and a set of programs for schools.


6 Principles of a Just Recovery

When we talk about sustainability, it is crucial that we talk about how to build a future that lifts everyone up. Vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by the consequences of the climate crisis. Schools are working on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice – and the sustainability plan should be part of that plan. Non-profits and other organizations around the world have endorsed these principles.



Global Organizations Leading Climate Action in Education





Let’s Go Zero

Many UK schools are working to become zero carbon by 2030, but they will all need more governmental support to hit this goal. The Lets Go Zero campaign is calling for seven government actions – achievable, affordable steps in-line with the country’s zero carbon ambitions. 



Second Nature


Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education.


Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Alliance envisions a world where every person is aware of and accountable for the impact they have in creating an environmentally, economically, and equitably sustainable future.



Green Schools National Network

Green Schools National Network (GSNN) is dedicated to whole-school and whole–district sustainability that shifts the paradigm needed to transform your culture so that your students become change-makers, not just test-takers, who are prepared to live in and lead a sustainable future.


Earth Week 2022