Business Manager

Part-time, Remote is growing, and needs a new Business Manager interested in working part-time to serve our mission to provide practical inspiration for the transition to a just, beautiful and regenerated world. The successful candidate will enjoy covering a wide range of accounting and business tasks from managing our online bookkeeping and government reporting to financial analysis and donor communication. 

This is a highly flexible, independent and remote position, with 8 – 10 hours per month of expected work. There are new projects anticipated which, if we are successful applicants, could increase this work to up to 15 hours per month in the year ahead. You will work closely with the Executive Director, and have occasional contact with clients, contractors, and the volunteer Treasurer of the Board. Most of the hours can be at the discretion of the successful candidate, but there will be occasion for approximately 1 – 4 hours of work per month to be conducted between 9 – 5, Monday through Friday to facilitate meeting and communicating with others. 

We will pay an hourly rate between $40 and $55 commensurate with experience and qualifications, with the opportunity for a review after one year. 

The successful candidate will have:

  • 3 – 5 years experience working in Canadian, federally incorporated registered charities. 
  • An accounting designation.
  • Excellent spreadsheet skills.
  • Strong tech skills, with a willingness to learn and work with new apps. 
  • A good communicator, able to build a strong professional relationship with customers/clients, partner organizations, contractors and others.
  • A demonstrated interest in working in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Experience working with schools would be an asset, but not essential.

Below is a detailed, but not exhaustive list of Job Responsibilities:

Business Administration

  • Support the overall business administration of this small growing not-for profit organization 
  • Tasks will vary and may include:
    • Setting up Stripe and/or Paypal accounts
    • Working with web vendor, other suppliers to create online registration with seamless money flow
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Support to the volunteer Board of Directors
      • Minute taking at quarterly board meetings
      • Financial analysis of revenue, expenses, or other
    • Coordination of annual financial statements, liaising with external auditors
    • Manage all aspects of the accounting records through Quickbooks Online  
    • Coordinate information between our financial and customer relationship management systems
    • Developing and documenting policies and practices  
    • Support preparing financials for future grant applications.
  • Applying for and managing the Canada Summer Jobs application process
  • Keep the books up-to-date, including monthly and quarterly statements
  • Generate the year-end statements, and liaise with our auditor, Treasurer and others as needed. 

Grant/Donor/Funding Tracking, Reporting, Receipting

  • Provide timely receipts for all donations (expected to be in the range of 10 – 20 per year).
  • Track and report on funding received from donors and funders including private donors, foundations, and government sources. 
  • Coordinate with sub-contractor/partner organizations where is the lead applicant, requesting information and reports needed to fulfill grant requirements.  
  • Liaise with, provide information and reports to co-applicants or lead applicants in grants where will receive funding.

Accounts Receivable

  • Generate and send invoices (40 – 60 per year, in 5+provinces across Canada as well as in the US)
  • Manage client accounts (40 – 60)
  • Communicate with clients as needed
  • Follow up on outstanding invoices (very infrequent, usually someone has lost track of it)

Accounts Payable

  • Pay invoices, including consultants, some suppliers (5 – 15 per month)
  • Reconcile corporate visa account, cash account
  • Manage and remit HST across 5+ provinces quarterly


  • Track and reconcile bank accounts

Government Filings

  • Corporate annual filing
  • Charitable reporting (charitable status expected by end of calendar 2023)
  • HST, payroll and other government filings as needed


  • All tasks related to paying employees (3 in total) on a bi-weekly basis

nInterested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to Indepedant contractors are welcome to apply. A warm welcome to applicants of all genders, abilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

We thank all those who take the time to apply. Due to limited staffing, we will only be able to follow up with applicants we are interested in interviewing. Interviews will begin on August 8th on a rolling basis.