Feedback From Our Schools


“Great learning experience. Concrete actions and things we can do around the school. Understanding the management and process within the school – the people behind the scenes. Having that connection is great. Mixing faculty and students during this learning process has been great.” – CAAP Student

“It has been a good way to step into a larger leadership role with environmentalism at the school. Meeting other members from other schools, getting new ideas … has been helpful. Being able to compare what we are doing to other schools is also helpful to understand where we are at. Taking on more responsibility and leadership has allowed students …to build up skills and support initiatives happening at the school.” – CAAP Student


“It seems the correct people are finally involved in the conversation. It is not just the students and the green team
but the administration and facilities all working together which has seemed to create the momentum. We are
continuing the conversation with each session we have. Having the professional resources available to us (workshop leaders) is also the push needed to overcome hurdles at some points.” – Pilot School

“Having a network of schools and like-minded individuals with a goal of addressing climate
change in their schools. Holding ourselves accountable which has been great in our goal-setting.” – Pilot School

“Cross-organizational culture. Nice to see other schools – what they are doing. Provides ideas that we could also apply to our school. Framework and process has helped us focus.” – Pilot School

Why Do Schools Join?

“Because when we would previously try to act on things about climate change we would never really follow through on them. We would do it for the first week or so but then we’d kind of slow down our process. So we’re trying to do this as it will motivate us to keep acting and use the inspiration from other schools and people. There’s also just a need to act on climate change.” – Gr. 9 Student

“Our head of school has a priority to reduce our carbon footprint on our campus and she approached us about this project. The program to us presents the opportunity to commit to an all-encompassing plan and take tangible action and we’re excited to receive ideas from other schools and we hope this program will create a framework for decision making in the future.” – Grade 12 student

“We joined CAAP because we are hoping it can help to accelerate our progress with regard to environmental sustainability … the
support of this network of schools and also the accountability of being part of an organization like this will help us so we’re pretty excited and have a lot of work to do.” – Head of School

Climate Action Accelerator Program Logo by Steve Spazuk
Strategic Framework Artwork by Steve Spazuk