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In the fall of 2021 launched the Climate Action Accelerator Program as a pilot project to catalyze climate action in and through elementary and secondary schools. Since then we have worked with over 20 schools in 5 provinces, helping them create climate action plans and amplify their various sustainability efforts towards a just, beautiful and regenerated world.  

Through workshops and mentoring we build capacity in school teams, including students, teachers, operations and facilities, administrators, parents and others, to empower them with the mindset, knowledge and skills to drive change in their communities.

Our intention was always to learn through this pilot, and then explore how we can bring this learning to more schools across the country. Our experience so far is with independent schools – and while there will be many similarities, we recognize that public schools and public school districts have their own unique set of challenges. 

Research: Education for Impact

A research study published in early 2020 by Cordero et al estimated that if young people – in this case first year university students – understood their own ability to make choices in their every day lives to reduce their carbon emissions, education as a solution to the climate crisis has the potential to be as signifcant as scaling up rooftop solar panels or afforestation projects. Imagine the potential if this kind of learning was embedded as a life skill from an even younger age. 

We also know the power of young people to bring learning home. A study published in 2019 by Lawson et al demonstrated the power and impact of our youth to bring important learning home to their families. 

The Need + The Opportunity

In the fall of 2023, a report was published indicating that only 4 of 380 school boards across Canada have a climate action plan. We are actively seeking funding partners to co-develop and pilot a Climate Action Accelerator Program for Public Schools, with other charities and researchers working with schools. This sector needs our collective help. We believe we can chart a path for system-wide climate and nature education and action.

Please reach out to book an exploratory conversation if you are interested in being part of this next exciting step with us!

Get Started Today

If you are looking for some support, we may be able to help – whether it is some training for your board staff on some of the basics of what goes into a climate action plan, or support developing long term goals, baselines. If we can’t help, we will do our best to point you towards others more appropriate.

Free school resources and templates to support school climate action including a Climate Action Plan template.

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