Climate Action Accelerator Program

Climate Action Accelerator Program Logo by Steve Spazuk

Building A Movement Too Powerful To Ignore

Our Goal: Catalize bold whole-school climate action in the K-12 sector and beyond. We must all achieve net-zero by 2050. Every sector needs leaders who need to get there decades sooner to chart the path. We want to find leaders in the Canadian K-12 sector and help them create and implement hope-filled, audacious plans. We will share the learning and inspire other schools to join us.

We are currently accepting new schools for a mid-year start. Find out more below.

What is the Climate Action Accelerator Program?

A Bold 3-Year Commitment

Schools are developing and implementing a High-Impact, Whole-School Climate Action Plan, and sharing their learning.


Dynamic & Collaborative Workshops

School Teams are participating together, virtually, across the country to learn and plan together. 20 hours each year. 


Cross-Disciplinary Team Participation

Schools have a minimum team: 1 senior administrator, 1 faculty member, 1 facilities rep, and 2 student leaders.
Many schools in our pilot have gone well beyond this minimum!


Experienced Facilitators & Industry Experts

The CAAP facilitators have decades of experience working in all aspects of schools, along with an array of experts
contributing to topics ranging from GHG inventories to climate change education to risk and governance


School Mentoring with CAAP Facilitators

Schools can schedule 1:1 time with any of our CAAP facilitators as they work on developing and implementing their plans,
to get advice and support specific to each school’s circumstances. 10 hours per year.


Strategic Framework & Other Custom-Developed Resources

A custom framework for High-Impact, Whole-School Climate Action has been developed as a guide for schools. A
growing Inventory of High-Impact Climate Actions for Schools has been issued as a first draft, and other resources
including a GHG Reduction Guide are in the works now.


Dedicated Slack Channel for Collaboration & Discussion

A forum for all school participants and CAAP facilitators to pose questions, exchange ideas, share resources.


Meet Our Facilitators

Participating Schools Will

Co-create a new path to High-Impact, Whole-School Climate Action

Collaborate with peers over 3 years to go farther, faster.

Learn – be uncomfortable, face hard realities, change paradigms.

Share learning for all.