Compelling Vision

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Creating a Compelling Vision for Climate Action

Creating a Compelling Vision for Climate Action: A compelling, aspirational vision for climate action can make all the difference in uniting a community around the challenging task of institutional transformation.

Every Effective Strategy Starts With a Compelling Vision

“If every effective strategy starts with a compelling vision, why do so few schools and colleges spend time creating one?”

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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Florish Cover

Flourish: Design Paradigms / Systems Change

What will it take to restore balance to our world for future generations’ survival? In this book, two spirited thinkers, Sarah Ichioka and Michael Pawlyn, propose a bold set of regenerative design principles, drawn from natural and cultural wisdom. Flourish offers a paradigmatic plan for designers, clients and change agents alike to build a thriving future, together.

Beyond sustainability: A call for regeneration

TEDxYouth Sierra Robinson 11 min. video

Net-Zero Emissions

Gov’t of Canada Climate Plan

who, what, when of Canada’s official plan – links to updates, etc re ” Net-Zero Emissions Act”

Inspiration & Hope

Hope Matters – Elin Kelsey

Hope Matters boldly breaks through the narrative of doom and gloom that has overtaken conversations about our future to show why hope, not fear, is our most powerful tool for tackling the planetary crisis.

Why Hope Matters in an Age of Doom & Gloom: Elin Kelsey April 2022

Elin Kelsey, PhD and author of Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis, shares her wisdom and inspiration on the importance of evidence-based hope as we take climate action.

2040 Film

The documentary 2040 takes us on a journey of “fact-based dreaming”, looking at what life might be like in the year 2040 if we implement solutions largely described in Project Drawdown. It is highly engaging, accessible and designed to prompt discussions at home, at school and in our communities about what we might be hoping for in 2040. This film is Australian, and they have created a number of resources including suggested lesson plan ideas, all for free on their website.