Announcements for Climate Hope


  • Also known as ‘Announcements for Climate Hope’
  • This is a project by Ulwiana M-M , G12 student, and Dr Elin Kelsey,  thought leader for Evidence-Based Hope and Environmental Solutions (and author of ‘Hope Matters‘!)
  • We created this announcements program for schools and invite you to pilot this program in your school.

Please  look at the stories of good climate news, and ways to take action we sourced this summer. Remember good climate news is trending and you need to stay up to date. Our examples will expire so please search for your own evidence-based hope examples by using Ulwiana’s recommendations for solutions journalism sources.  

Positive action is happening!  Please share Hope4Climate announcements widely through your school and help shift eco-anxiety into empowered action. 

    Why is evidence-based hope so important to climate engagement?

    Read Hope Matters: Why Changing the Way We Think is Critical to Solving the Environmental Crisis by Dr Elin Kelsey