Consulting Services

Meet the team who develop and deliver the Climate Action Accelerator Program (CAAP).

We offer consulting services to schools as they work on their Climate + Nature action plans.

Services include the full range of what K-12 schools need to move forward in climate and nature action, including:

            • offering professional learning on the climate and nature crises, and what individuals, groups, communities and schools can do to take positive action;
            • working with individuals and groups on creating or revising climate action plans;
            • creating a compelling vision for climate action at your school;
            • creating baseline measures across Culture, Learning and Physical Space;
            • supporting the planning on specific school climate and nature initiatives;
            • planning for, interpreting and/or planning GHG audits and Carbon Management Plans;
            • working on Waste (materials) Management Plans;
            • engaging students in student-led initiatives;
            • facilitating professional learning on climate change; and
            • facilitating leadership team and/or Board learning and discussions on climate and nature leadership and action.
Michèle Andrews (she/her)

Michèle Andrews (she/her)

About Michèle

Michèle had a career in strategy, leadership and organizational development and change in the corporate sector before becoming the Head at a small independent preK-12 school in 2005, where she stayed for 10 years. Since then, she has worked with schools supporting Boards, Heads of School and Leadership Teams on strategy and culture change. In 2018 she helped initiate and lead the CAIS Green Schools project, which paused in March 2020 as a result of the pandemic. She decided to initiate the CAAP to take school climate action leadership to a new level. She facilitates the CAIS Environmental Sustainability Leadership Institute workshop, and has been a speaker at a number of ISABC events focused on whole-school high impact sustainability and climate action. She is also involved in a Living Building Challenge project in eastern Ontario.

Danielle Delhaes (she/her)

Danielle Delhaes (she/her)

About Danielle

Danielle is the director of Paedagogia Inc., a company offering consulting services in the expanding sustainability/climate education sector. Over the last three decades, her work has spanned a wide range of services including planning and facilitation of professional development, development and implementation of whole-school sustainability programs and student leadership programs, creation of pedagogical guides for documentaries and global education programs, as well as teaching, coaching and mentoring in the field of sustainability education.

Stephanie Foster (she/her)

Stephanie Foster (she/her)

About Stephanie

Stephanie Foster, President of Fostering Sustainability, works with independent schools and Colleges to help them understand how they can contribute to addressing climate change and global environmental challenges by integrating the principles of sustainable development into their facilities and operations, academics and community. Stephanie has over 25 years experience in strategic planning for environmental sustainability and climate action, policy development and project management, in academic, non-governmental, private and public sectors. 

Barb Macintosh (she/her)

Barb Macintosh (she/her)

About Barb

Recently retired from her formal career in schools, Barb has served as a teacher, advisor, administrator and coach at both a large boarding school and a smaller day school in Toronto. As a teacher of Geography, Science, and various social sciences in a range of grades, Barb constantly cultivated her interest in climate change and actively pursued experiences with authentic, action-oriented programs. For over thirty years, she has worked to build student and staff capacity to make connections with both people and issues, take action, and collaborate with experts to address various environmental foci and local community initiatives. Barb is a Board member of GreenLearning Canada Foundation, provider of free, online education programs about energy, climate change and green economy.

Schools enrolled in CAAP receive 10 hours of mentoring each year of the 3-year program. For schools that need more time, they can contract for more hours at a discounted CAAP rate. Reach out to your Michèle or your lead mentor to discuss further.

For all other schools, we are happy to meet with you to see how we can help.

To book a free 30 minute enquiry meeting to review the possibilities and fees, please follow this link.