Welcome! You are invited to explore the resources our amazing keynote presenters, workshop facilitators, sponsors, exhibitors and others shared with us at our inaugural Unconference of Hope and Bold School Climate Action, April 3 – 6, 2024. If you see something missing or have something you think we should add, reach out to us at unconference @ DoorNumberOne.org.

Here is the full program for your reference.

We are still working on our report on the climate and nature impact of our event, as well as recommendations and lessons learned on how to host climate-friendly events. We will share it here when it is complete.

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Our heartfelt thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, Canada’s Forest Trust.

Here are the slides from the presentation made by CFT’s Taylor Piowtrowski on Friday morning.

Learn more about their School Programs here!

Appleby College took their Sustainability Hub On The Road – to our Unconference

What a great spot to gather and learn – true inspiration for all! Follow the Appleby College Sustainability Council on Instagram @appleby_sustainability_council

Unconference Introductory Slides

Morning 1 – Thursday and Morning 2 – Friday by Michèle Andrews, Executive Director at DoorNumberOne.org

Learn more about the Climate + Nature Leadership Pledge announced by Michèle at the Unconference.

How To Be Hopeful In An Era Of Climate Doomism: An Evidence-Based Practice For All

with Dr. Elin Kelsey. Elin shared these slides with some recommendations on resources. Below are some more she mentioned in her presentation.

Climate Mental Health Network

Gap Minder

Net Zero Tracker

Announcements for Climate Hope (see below for a short video by the co-founder, Ulwiana)

“Hope is not complacent. It is a powerful political act.” Elin Kelsey

Thanks to our awesome intergenerational panel on Youth Climate Action!

Left to right: Elin Kelsey; Jordyn, High School Student and Intern at Green Venture in Hamilton; our moderater and M. Ed. Candidate Sidney Howlett; Shirley Barnea, activist on a gap year doing an internship at The Climate Reality Project; and Aria Kani, Program Manager at Break the Divide.

Ecosystem Restoration Projects at Schools: Partnerships, Education and Action

Tamara Smith & Eric Davies at Toronto French School


Crash Course in Teaching Climate Change

With Pam Miller at the Toronto District School Board


Part 1: Change from Within – Building an Institute within a Public Secondary School

Part 2: On Hope, Health and the Power of Enabling Young People: The Future of Solution-Based Learning

with Mark Neufeld & Joanna Linger from Claremont High School’s Institute for Global Solutions in the Saanich District School Board in British Columbia.

Slides Part 1      Part 2

Connecting Communities: The Break The Divide Approach to Climate Emotions Connections

with Aria Kani of Break the Divide

Climate Mental Health Resource

How Schools Can Make an Impact with Solar

with Zac Joliffe, Patrick Boot, and Maddison Fairbairn at the VCT Group


Student Driven Climate Action Policy

The Story of Youth-Led District Climate Action at Denver Public Schools with Leeann Kittle, Executive Director of Sustainability

A Head, Heart and Hands Approach to Teaching Climate Change

with Stephanie Leite, Educator and PhD Candidate at McGill University


How Metrics Can Help Drive Change

with Arlae Castellanos, Executive Director at the Green Schools Alliance

To learn more about the Green Schools Alliance START K12 Dashboard in Canada, reach out to info @ DoorNumberOne.org – we are piloting it now!

Flower to Hive to Bottle – Beekeeping at School

with Dave Stotesbury of Backed by Bees

Discussion with Jason McLennan and Andrew Frontini

Perkins & Will Slides

Mohawk College: A Case in Climate Action Leadership

with Michael Dean, Director of Carbon, Energy and Sustainability at Mohawk College


Unlocking the transformative power of food literacy/orality towards embodying ecological ways of knowing

with Michael Sacco, Founder, Chocosol

Navigating the Climate Crisis: A Practical Guide for Building Emotional Resilience

with Sidney Howlett    Slides

Activism for All

with Shirley Barnea

Collection of Activism Examples

Zero Waste is a Team Sport

Bruce Buchan Founder, Clean River & Ben Errett, Head of Marketing, Green Standards


TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) (Zero) Waste Certification

with Ben Errett, Head of Marketing, Green Standards & Bruce Buchan of Clean River


TRUE Certifcation for zero waste performance

Outdoors Every Day: Starting a Regenerative Farm to Connect our Community to Our Environment and Each Other

with Janice Greenshields & Jade O’Keefe at Lakefield College School


Climate Action/Activism Workshop

Here is the workbook we used througout the day.

Check out the inspirational story of Ulwiana and her development of the Announcements for Climate Hope program with Dr. Elin Kelsey.

The Saturday event was also hosted at Hillfield Strathallan College – thank you again for your delicious food, wonderful hospitality and support!

Check out Hillfield’s approach to sustainability here – lots of inspiration!

Huge thanks to all our sponsors who helped bring this Unconference to life!

They each have their own important story about how they are contributing to the climate movement and a thriving future – we hope you will take a moment to learn more about them.

We also had wonderful event partners that helped us make it all happen – thank you!